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Why am I writing this? Well, when I first decided to buy the Intelligent Cruiser e book, there weren’t all that many real reviews around so I thought I would write one so as to help anyone who was considering buying it.

Especially if you are taking your first cruise, then I would definitely recommend this e book. Not only does it give you a whole lot of tips and advice, but it does help you with unnecessary spending on board – and also in ports of call.

On to the review. the Intelligent Cruiser e book does give you a lot of information that you most certainly can use. On the other hand, it is true that if cruising is a big part of your life, you will probably know quite a few of the ideas mentioned but probably not all of them.

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Having said that, this information can be found online. The thing is you need time to do the research as it’s most definitely not in one place as it is in the e book. This is true of most e books.

If you have an outside cabin, bring along some plastic clothes pegs – you can use them to fix your wet bathing suits to the balcony chairs. That way, they won’t disappear at sea…

To summarize, I do think that the Intelligent Cruiser e book is a good product. If you are a beginner at cruising, I would certainly recommend it. If you have been on many cruises, then you probably know a lot of what is mentioned, but even so, some advice might even be new for you.

You’ll probably be taking lots of pictures. You can either take your laptop in order to download your pictures as the memory card will fill up fast. Either that or buy extra memory chips but make sure you get them before you board as they’re bound to be more expensive on the actual cruise ship.

Tipping – if you do it on the first day – (for example, your waiter and the room steward), then they will want you to get the best service as you have virtually ‘paid for it in advance’.

If you want coffee in your cabin I the morning, make sure to call room service the night before. If you take with you all items you need – suntan lotion, hair gel, etc. you will be spared the extreme expense of buying such items on board.

Intelligent Cruiser Official Website
The gives detailed information about how to book a cruise and even suggests methods to book a cruise for less or even free. Cruise tips and tricks are worth their weight in gold if you are serious about your cruising vacation.

I thought I could let you know more about the person who wrote The Intelligent Cruiser. Actually the author is a true who was a ship’s officer working on a well known cruise line.

Thanks for checking out my website which is dedicated to Intelligent Cruiser. I first started cruising when I was 21 when I went from England to New Zealand on a cruise ship. Much time has passed since then but I still love life on the sea. During this time I discovered myself that miraculously some passengers were automatically treated better than others and had more privileges too. So when I discovered the , I found some very good tips and tricks to make my next cruise even better. You will be able to read my review of the this eBook shortly – the good and the bad points.

Another cruise line would be the Norwegian Cruise Line but taking a closer look, it is not only cruising to Norway. In fact the cruise line has its main offices in Florida and it began operations as the Norwegian Caribbean Line.